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Github - Tools and Resources!

Excerpt : This is my first post

Github - Tools and Resources!
I felt, I should share this. Recently Github has evolved, introducing so many cool features like the Dark mode, to Codespaces.. Its just makes the life of developer’s easier on every release.
Github has always been my favourite, with all of its ecosystem around it, it makes it easier to collaborate as a Software Engineer and a Open Source Contributor, with its various features and advanced developer experience tools its just an amazing product. I have tried others too – Bitbucket and Gitlab, but the fact that Github has contributed and helped opensource bring to life. I will bet for it.
So, In this post, I am going to share some of the cool Github tricks, that I personally use to make more use of Github.. may be there can be alternatives.. but I found this helps me a lot while working on projects hosted on Github.

1. Github Codespaces

Github Codespaces
Codespaces provides high-performance cloud development environments intregrated with full power of VS Code, to your browser..Its available for Teams and Enterprise plans.

2. Github Copilot

Github Copilot

3. Github Actions

Github Actions

4. Github Pages

Github Pages

5. Github Education Pack

Github Education Pack

6. Github CLI

Github CLI

7. Github Dev – Press (dot) to open and work on any github repo with VSCode in browser

Try out Github Dev, by clicking “.” (dot on your keyboard) to open any github repo with vscode in the browser.
Github Dev

8. CodeQL- Discover vulnerabilites across a codebase (Open Source)

Github CodeQL
You can check codeQL here –

9. Github Classroom

Github Classroom
Okay ! That was all for now.. let’s see what’s come next, I would also like to share some of the projects that I use personally along with Github – may be it can help you too !